Book Title: IT Service Management Foundations: ITIL Study Guide

IT Service Management Foundations: ITIL Study Guide

If you are a nontechnical manager looking to better leverage your organization’s use of IT, a technical manager looking to master the growing complexity of delivering IT services, a technical person looking to understand this unstoppable trend towards IT Service Management, or a student looking to pass the ITIL Foundations exam, this book is for you.
IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a phenomenon that is sweeping the world. Companies are incorporating IITL in all aspects of IT Service Delivery driven by increasing governance, security, privacy regulation, and the growing trend towards commoditization of IT.

IT Service Management Foundations is designed to provide readers with a fundamental appreciation of the elements of Service Management as described in the ITIL books, Best Practice for Service Support, Best Practice for Service Delivery, and Best Practice for Security Management. It will also provide the student with sufficient detail of the ITIL framework to pass the ITIL Foundations exam.

“Probably the best summary of the key ITIL concepts and guidance available from any source, this book is designed to help students rapidly get to the heart of the crucial messages needed to pass the ITIL examinations. It is an excellent management overview of the core material.”

– Brian Johnson, member of the original “CCTA ITIL team” and contributor to more than fifteen volumes of best practice in the ITIL space.

Ron Palmer, founder of Franklin Technology Strategies, Inc., author of an EXIN accredited ITIL Foundations course, Senior Partner for KEDAR Information Technologies, and co-developer of an IT Service Management graduate program at the University of Dallas, shares his insight and expertise in a clear, succinct way to those seeking to improve IT operations and pass the ITIL Foundations examination.

Author: Ron B Palmer
  • Alex Hernandez
  • Christine Belaire
  • Thierry Paquay
  • John Stewart
Publication date: 2004 - Out of Print
Publisher: Gulf Stream Press
ISBN: 0-9771469-0-1
Price: $79.95 USD